Selección de Cortometraje Mexicano en Línea

From silence

When Elisa and Marcos are about to break up, they found out that they’re going to have a child. Together will have to face their problems in order to recover their lost love.

Direction: Romo Mercado; Horacio Script: Romo Mercado; Horacio Production: Tello Lara; Paola, Romo; Horacio Production company: CCC Photography: G. Menéndez; Enrique Edition: Cepeda; Carlos, Romo Mercado; Horacio Sound: Vaw Studio Music: Morfín; Arturo Cast: Bravo; Verónica, Yee; Luis Eduardo, Castagnetti; Paula, García; Klaudia Section: COMPETENCIA

Year of participation at FICM: 2019