Selección de Cortometraje Mexicano en Línea


This film tells the story of a woman who escapes a constricting relationship, on the day of her wedding, in order to reconnect with a past lover: a wild, passionate, free-spirited Mexican man. After a few days of pure passion, she discovers that what she really needs is to discover herself. He, although broken-hearted at first, becomes ecstatic for her, and let’s her fly off to adventure!

Direction: Mandoki; Daniel, Giegerich; Justin Script: Mandoki; Daniel Production: Coello Escalante; Gerardo Production company: Effects or Films, Organge Labs, Jag Creative Media Photography: Montgomery; Kate Edition: Pérez; Ana Sound: Blake; Taylor Music: Mandoki; Camille, Mandoki; Daniela Cast: Mandoki; Daniel, Meissner; Jackie Section: COMPETENCIA Clasification: B15

Year of participation at FICM: