Selección de Cortometraje Mexicano en Línea

Just for the weekend

Carla and Andrés travel to Mexico City by bus and they stay in a hotel. It seems that they come to a concert. or at least that’s what they tell to their family and friends. What happens during that weekend can separate them forever, or unite them even more.

Direction: Calderon Rico; Mauricio Script: Calderon Rico; Mauricio Production: Ugalde; Mara, Calderón Rico; Mauricio Production company: Colectivo Colmena Photography: Calderón; Rodrigo Edition: Ríos Farjat; Marlén Sound: Loustaunau; Daniel, Arzate; Andrés Music: Arzate; Andrés Cast: Aspra; Cynthia, Alberico; Diego Section: COMPETENCIA

Year of participation at FICM: 2019