Selección de Cortometraje Mexicano en Línea

Tuyuku (Ahuehuete)

The legend of an ancient tree that gave birth to Yosonuviko, the cloud people, reenters the collective memory through the ancient language of rain, Sa’an Savi, evoking the fragility of the human condition amid nature’s immensity. A metaphor for life over time that reminds us of the importance of coexistence with nature.

Direction: Rojas Sánchez; Nicolás Script: Rojas Sánchez; Nicolás Production: Rojas Sánchez; Nicolás, Casasola; Casandra, Baeza; Erik Production company: SinFoko Films, Pulque Films, Pierrot Films Photography: Rojas Sánchez; Nicolás, Casasola; Casandra Edition: Rojas Sánchez; Nicolás Sound: Rojas Sánchez; Nicolás,Casasola; Casandra, Lameiras; Ricardo, Capur; Arturo Music: Cortés; Malitzin Section: COMPETENCIA

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