Selección de Cortometraje Mexicano en Línea

The Brave Ones

In the Mixteca Sierra at Oaxaca, a group of women decided to create a soccer team to make a statement against discrimination and inequality. Led by actress Nancy García (Roma, Cuarón 2018) they have created a women movement to demand and occupy their place in their towns. They are determined and aware that the fight for the indigenous women rights in this country, could only be supported by the brave women willing to change their reality.

Direction: Guerrero Lara; Alejandro Script: Guerrero Lara; Alejandro Production: Guerrero; Alejandro, Guerrero Ramírez; Eduardo Production company: Las Quince Letras Films Photography: Guerrero; Alejandro, Mijangos; Joel René Edition: Juárez Ledón; Guillermo, Sosa; Juan Luis Sound: Guerrero; Alejandro, Mijangos; Joel René Music: Orquesta Pasatono Cast: García Garcia; Nancy, Pacheco; Rosalba, Pacheco; Alheli, Pacheco; Lucero Alma, Pacheco; Paloma, García García; Paola Viridiana, Vásquez; David, Ortiz; Anabel Section: COMPETENCIA

Year of participation at FICM: 2019